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Default Re: I Hate this time of year

Originally Posted by HburgXL06

I don't get what is so great about NASCAR. Around-and-around a loop for 500 laps and all the cars are the same. If it were back in the day when there were actual differences in the cars and they were doing it on something more than a loop then it may be more exciting. NASCAR commercials are great with all the cars racing on real streets....but that's just some weird advertising. I wish I could get SPEED channel in my dorm so I could possibly find some WRC or LeMans or F1.

I'll give you the fast, abridged Cliff's notes synopsis:

500 mile races (None of this 112k crap)
36+ races a season
Road Racing
Most competitive racing in the World

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch F-1.
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