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Default Re: Am I by myself?

Ben will be fine and don't be too shocked to see the return of the long ball to plex. I don't care what the patsies did to Manning because they won't do it to us. We won't let them dictate our game like Manning did. The worst mistake Manning made was giving up on the long ball. He allowed the pats to make him try and run a dink and dunk (not his style) but we won't make the same mistake. We are going to come out and hit them in the jaw with the bus and long passes down field to keep 8 out of the box. The only way we see Tommy in this game is if Ben gets hurt. If for some reason Ben does get hurt Tommy will do fine and he can lead this team very well. Hmmmmmm Remember who beat us in 2002????? Drew came off the bench and threw two touchdowns.... (by the way Brady... Drews not around to bail you out this time) If we need him, Tommy will be there to bail us out and throw some td's. Steelers win anyway you look at it. 34-17 Steelers and a trip to Jacksonville
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