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Default Re: daisy cutters, the M.O.A.B., and our current "war"

Originally Posted by Stillers#1
I have some pics and video of a B-2 that I refueled, if you want, I could post it somewhere I'm sure
i drive under the flightline pAth all the time and 1 time a b-2 stopped by on its way to misourri. happenned to catch it landing and it flew about 200 ft. over my van. totally awesome! also watched a f-4 drone rupture its fuel cell upon landing and burn to the ground in a huge fireball. good thing it was remote controll. awesome sight to say the least. also driving under a c-5 as it is coming in for landing is pretty freaky and one hell of a rush. the seem to be moving so slow its like they will drop out of the sky.

you should post them in this thread or start a new one. give everybody appreciation of our technology and the manpower behind it

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