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Default Re: daisy cutters, the M.O.A.B., and our current "war"

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
Excellent, excellent post. I actually think it was me who said Reagan would have found a peice of Arab desert and dropped an H-Bomb on 9/12 as a warning. You are so right.
Even moreso because of the questionablr nature of this war, I admire so much the men and women who serve our country. They deserve all our praise, free education and free housing when they get back home for all they have done and all that they risk. You can love and support these people while not supporting the leaders who make such bonehead, or in some cases, immoral decisions. the govenment hides behind them. And it always disturbed me how George Bush seized on 9/11 to win re-election, as if supporting Kerry meant you "have forgotten 9/11". this was NY. Im sure a few Democrats were in those towers, George. Im sick of the black and white thinking on this. I fully supported this President when he stood up in Congress and said that any nation that harbored terrorists would be treated as terrorist nation. I thought he was serious. I supported the invasion of Afganistan. And then something happened. Bush went back on his word. He looked the other way when it came to Saudi Arabia, N.Korea, Iran, Syria etc etc. Why? He didnt close the borders. Why? He didnt protect the ports. why? So dont call it "Bush-bashing".
I just listed all the times i supported him. I didnt turn my back on him, he turned his back on me. And then he wins an election by using 9/11. And hiding behind "the troops" His policies are killing troops. So Iraq can have good schools.

By your post you supported GW once. I don't want to get into a big spat here, but you are a dem and no matter what GW does you are going to jump to dispute. It's your right to dispute anything that he does, but remember he did get re-elected.
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