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Default Re: daisy cutters, the M.O.A.B., and our current "war"

Originally Posted by augustashark
By your post you supported GW once. I don't want to get into a big spat here, but you are a dem and no matter what GW does you are going to jump to dispute. It's your right to dispute anything that he does, but remember he did get re-elected.
i think alot of people voted for bush to not do a disservice to our troops buy switching leaders at a time of war. this could present a sign of weakness to our enemys and dissention amongst our people. personally i figured bush got us into this, lets let him get us out of it according to his plan. btw, what was his plan to get us out of it? or is that a problem better solved by the next administration? if its a problem better left solved for the next administration maybe it wouldve been better to put them in place in 2004.
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