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Default Re: daisy cutters, the M.O.A.B., and our current "war"

ok. do you believe in GW's plan to send man to mars?

do you believe in him declaring the war over 3 years ago practicly robbing our troops who go over and fight today of veteran status?

being that i started this thread singing the praises of our military and war machine and our air force being the most superior force in the world i cant see how it looks like im opposed to war. i believe in cars but i dont believe in drunk drivers who kill people. i believe in fighting a war but not if were gonna try to do it on horseback. i believe in a strategic plan where our soldiers arent turned into police officers. i believe gas should be about 90 cents a gallon. i believe in being prepared for future conflicts. i used to believe in war being good for the economy. not no more.
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