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Default Re: daisy cutters, the M.O.A.B., and our current "war"

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
ok. do you believe in GW's plan to send man to mars?

do you believe in him declaring the war over 3 years ago practicly robbing our troops who go over and fight today of veteran status?

being that i started this thread singing the praises of our military and war machine and our air force being the most superior force in the world i cant see how it looks like im opposed to war. i believe in cars but i dont believe in drunk drivers who kill people. i believe in fighting a war but not if were gonna try to do it on horseback. i believe in a strategic plan where our soldiers arent turned into police officers. i believe gas should be about 90 cents a gallon. i believe in being prepared for future conflicts. i used to believe in war being good for the economy. not no more.

Even thinking about going to mars is a mistake right now!

Are you not opposed to the war? If you are not, then my mistake.

Your cars example is alittle off! Listen Tony, it is very hard to have a strategic plan when your fighting people who don't care if they die or if anyone around them die! Our soldiers care more for the man next to them than they do about themselves, but they don't want to die either! Strapping explosives on your body and running into a group of people is not strategic. We still have soldiers around the world that are "police officers".
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