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Default Re: Retire Clemente's 21??

Here is the difference:

Robinson broke the color-barrier.Thanks to him,persons of any color were then able to play in MLB,not just white people.He was not just the first black person the play MLB,he was also the first minority,

Clemente wasn't the first hispanic player in MLB,however he is the most well known and celebrated.He was a great baseball player,and if he hadn't died then he could have possibly become the greatest.But you don't see MLB retiring the number of every great player that died due to something tragic.

This is why I voted no.It can easily get out of hand,because then there would be people wanting the most- celebrated-whatever-heritage player of a ton of different heritages retired,and retiring Clemente's 21 would open the door to force MLB to do that.

I think a better decision would be to give every team the choice to retire Clemente's number.If they want to,then they do...if not then that's fine.But if MLB imposes it on every team,it just opens the flood gates and may never end.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins

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