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Default Re: Alabama LB McClain reveals he has Crohn’s disease

Originally Posted by Psyychoward86 View Post
these are the finest football players on the planet. Maybe if you had these diseases you would feel differently?
A) How can you be sure that I don't?

B) I deal with people who have Crohn's, Sickle Cell, asthma (like Jerome Bettis),Cancer of every type imaginable (Lance Armstrong), and diseases most people have never heard about on a daily basis...

The people who don't let their medical condition limit them tend to be the most "healthy" (mentally, spiritually, etc)---the "stubborn ones" who say, "I'm not going to let this ailment dictate my Life" are the ones who go on to do Great Things (whether they are professional athletes or just people Living their Lives)

My point wasn't to suggest that they should just "buckle up the chin strap" and not be a wussy (I really mean to use the "other" word, not "wussy"), but rather to say that it's not that big of a deal----successful athletes/people are driven, and they don't see medical conditions as a problem---just a part of life. The fact that McClain has Crohn's doesn't matter...buckle up the chin strap and do what you do Best.
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