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Default Re: Retire Clemente's 21??

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer
I think I may be on the outside looking in on this because I am not a Pirates fan,therefore you guys feel much differently about it than I do.

So do we end up retiring Puljos's (sp?) number after he retires because he will have advanced Latin players in the game of baseball?

What about Ichiro or Hideki Matsui?By the end of thier careers they will be looked upon as icons for Japanese players?
The difference between them and Clemente is that Clemente went through racial issues that the players you mentioned didnt. He went throught that as the first widely popular latin player as Robinson did for the blacks. Even in the Pittsburgh media he was treated like a baseball playing monkey when in reality he was a very articulate man who just didnt speak the language well. These racial issues are not a problem for these latin players now due mostly in part to clemente (yes I know there were a few before him but he was the first major figure).
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