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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Are you serious?

I've asked you several times now to explain the difference between socialism and communism. I know the answer. I want you to show that you do, teach. So far all you've done is the Ritalin dance.

You brought it up...

Now show the class what you got Skippy.
I do teach. I love teaching. However, I can put facts in front of you all day but you are too hard headed to see the truth. You see the world from one side. Not back by facts and evidence, but by entertainment and talk shows. Again, I did not bring up socialism or communism. I simply called out those that were using these terms. I don't know why you do not understand this. I believe that you could learn but again, you are looking for someone to tell you.. Go out and research it so you can feel better about using these words. Again, only you can answer this.... But I would be willing to bet you did not know the name of the continent were Russia is located.
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