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Default Re: The Official Bash/Question/Make fun of Democrats/Government/Obama Thread

Originally Posted by Leftoverhard View Post
Wow - "Vincent" is "angry"

GBMel - It's really interesting how instead of just admitting that at least half of the people in this country have a different opinion than you - you have to call those people rapists, communists, pedophiles and all other sorts of crazy names. What's up with that? That's just messed up.
Very odd statement lefty. No problem with differing opinions, it's just the tactics that are disturbing.

You have admitted that socialism doesn't bother you. Although I disagree with you , at least YOU come in the front door as do I.

It's the people who hide in the in the shadows like sissies and take pot shots at Bush and all things conservative because they are apparently too embarrassed to go on record with what they stand for AND WHY.

At least you come in the front door. Disagree with you or not, I respect that.
If I could be like that,
what would I do,
What would I do..."

~ 3 Doors Down

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