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Default Re: Who will battle for the North in 2010?

Originally Posted by Larry View Post
Once again, you're taking a general trend observed over a long period of time and trying to apply it to every season. When the Steelers have a couple of down seasons, they aren't the team to beat. That hasn't happened since the formation of the AFCN, but it has happened in the past and it is hard to totally avoid. Nothing in football applies Every Single Freaking Year...just temper your arrogance a bit and realize that the Steelers have been around for a very long time, and the formation of the AFCN coincided with a very successful period in Steelers history.

Come on now. You can't possibly be resorting to that just to avoid acknowledging the Ravens' success. Why are you combining the 0 playoff wins from the Bengals and Browns with the 8 from the Ravens? What we have is one team, since 1996, in the playoffs 8 times with 12 wins, and one team in the playoffs 6 times with 8 wins.

Besides, he said the past decade. That means since the 2000 season.
Yeah, I see he CUT out the times the Ravens Didn't make it to the playoffs really convienant for fudging numbers.

It is a clear Fact that each year, even now, with 2 rings in our pocket with this QB, that the Steelers are the Best Team in the AFCN. Ask anyone that isn't a fan of a team in the AFCN. Go ask a Cowboy fan, a Titans fan, or a Patriots fan, I bet they would all say that the Steelers are the best team in the AFCN THIS Season. Why? Because of the trend of them being the dominant team in the division. The trend is what it is. The facts are what they are. The Steelers are simply the best of the 4 teams, over the last decade, over the last 5 decades. Its simply a fact.

I can see why a fan from one of the other 3 teams...well not the Browns, at least they realize how bad they suck lately...a fan from the other two teams would want to argue against it, but the real blind homerism is on the side of the Ravens and Bengals fans that deny the fact that the Steelers are the Best team in the AFCN and have the best chance of winning the AFCN again this season, simply because of the trend that they usually do win it.
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