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Default Re: Perry Biggerstaff's 2010 NFL Mock Draft

love the new mock LLT and must say its layout is as visually appealing as any other on the net. good job! i especially like that you are taking the time to update it like the "professionals" do. look out rick gosselin.

ed bouchette made an interresting point about taking a wr this year. basically sweed is all but gone, logans job is in jeopardy, and a 6th wr is likely to be practice squad-

Kiere Bulls: Do you think what the Steelers did in Free Agency was enough? Furthermore, what do the Steelers now do in the draft?
Ed Bouchette: I think they actually went one too far in free agency by signing two wide receivers. That leaves them no room to add a young receiver because they are now locked into keeping those five receivers -- their top three plus the two free agents they paid nearly $1 million each to sign. Add wide receiver to the list of positions the Steelers will not draft high. It does not change much else in the draft though.

jmf1177: I am hoping Sweed has breakthrough third year. If so, who would be odd man out?
Ed Bouchette: I don't know that he's going to get a chance to have a breakthrough year. Right now, he would only make the team if they keep six wide receivers.

Sillter: Although the Steelers signed two wide receivers this year does that mean both will make the roster? Are you saying that Sweed is done for sure?
Ed Bouchette: I'm saying you don't give a guy nearly $1 million in a signing bonus and then cut him. If they keep six wide receivers, Sweed might have a chance.

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