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Default Re: College Basketball 2009-2010

Originally Posted by Nadroj 20 View Post
I watched that whole game and i was impressed. Like i said before that Omar Samhan is a beast and all of your austrailan players are scrappy and tough. #32 (Mcdonald?) is a flat out shooter and that #4 point gaurd made some good plays.

Go St. Marys! lol
I swear to god, Omar Samhan is Bald Bull. I could never quite put a finger on what made him so recognizable, but that's it. He's Bald freaking Bull. He gets the ball in the low block, I half expect him to do a headfake and a right uppercut.

Anyway ... when I was no longer drunk on Sunday, I noticed there were, like, a TON of Cinderella teams to go along with us. Northern Iowa, Cornell ... I mean, dang! This is a banner year. Usually we're down to two or three after the first round, and you're lucky if one makes it to the Sweet 16. This is not counting teams like Washington or Butler or Xavier, by the way, who everyone already kind of knew could be good. Hard to beat this year for teams coming out of nowhere.
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