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Default Now We Know Who Obama Is... What He's Capable Of...

I think the R's are underestimating their opponent (their President)... Obama. And here's why:

He was a younger African American (only 45) that chose to run for the highest office in the land.
It was said he was "untested", didn't have enough experience and "was not qualified" to be President.
He was not a national figure (I know I didn't know who he was) before he began his campaign for President in 2007.
He ended up raising more money than "any " campaign for President in the history of this nation... using a new, largely untested, tool for that level of a campaign... the internet.
He became the 'favorite candidate' on the international scene.
He beat the well oiled favorite, the "Clinton Machine", in the Primaries to become the Democratic nominee.
Became the first "other than White American" President in this nations history, coming seemingly out of nowhere... which caught many by surprise... and at only 46 years old.
When he got into office he was criticized for "doing too much at once" and people wanted him to "slow down"... as if his peers that he worked with could not keep up with him... wanted him to go at their 'slower pace'... friends called him, "the hardest working man in politics".
Won an "in advance" Nobel Prize simply based on his "promises"...
Proposed a major over-haul of an entire industry (health care) in the face of the 'very powerful' Health Care Lobby and the senators and congressmen that that industry basically controls.
Ran into several stumbling blocks like those nasty meetings and rallies by opponents. Losing the Democratic majority and the resultant media's repeating over and over that health care was dead. R's (and some D's) consistently saying, "start over from the beginning". And massive pressure by many in America to get on the economy. Seemed like everyone was saying abandon health care..... but no, he didn't...... During all this, and at only about his first year in office, we now have a revised health care system... a feat that was failed by 70 years of Presidents.
This victory showed a lot people that Obama is stern, hard, and a "political soldier" when he wants to get something done.

Now. If he can accomplish all of this, the R's are in for a difficult battle... Their opponent, although he is physically skinny, is no "light weight " by any means.
He comes across to the public as a simple regular guy. Off camera... quite different.
Now their is still over 7 months till the November elections...2 1/2 till the 2012 cycle. 7 months and 2 1/2 years respectively for Obama to work. This guy and the Dems still have more momentum going for them than the R's do at this point (though polls say that folks hate all of them at this point... but R's more than D's) because the only thing people still have to measure the R's by are the Bush years.

Long story short, the R's are in for a fire-fight..

Obama. Love him or hate him... you got to give it to him...

Polls are already starting to change. Check this out: LINK:

What Will The GOP Do Now ? LINK:


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