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Default Re: Now We Know Who Obama Is... What He's Capable Of...

Originally Posted by SteelerEmpire View Post
This victory showed a lot people that Obama is stern, hard, and a "political soldier" when he wants to get something done.
There is no reason for anyone on the Left to celebrate this "victory" anymore than there was under Clinton. People said exactly the same thing about Bill after his glorious "success" forcing NAFTA down everyone's throats. Six months later, everyone realized he was a major suckwad corporatist, and "the Left" locked themselves in their rooms for the next six years.

I think the briefest look at the stock market returns within the insurance industry should tell you everything you need to know about this legislation, and about who is "tough" and a "fighter", or a "political soldier" or whatever other nonsense is floating around out there. It's the corporate lobbyists, of course. No one's tougher than them, it seems.
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