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Default Re: Now We Know Who Obama Is... What He's Capable Of...

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

He is propped up by a loving media and has (had) super-majorities in both houses of Congress (If he was so powerful and amazing, why couldn't he help get a democrat elected, in Massachusetts, in Ted Kennedy's seat? Why couldn't he get all the Dems to vote for the healthcare bill? The only bipartisanship was the opposition! People are starting to see what the hopey-changey facade really means. He may be powerful with his majorities in congress, but he's losing the American people....and that is good thing for the American people. Maybe in the future, they'll look more closely when someone says they want to, "fundamentally transform" America. Those who bought the snake oil are realizing that the shit doesn't work...Now they're looking to punish the salesman (politically, that is).

In regards to the poll, I have no doubt he'll get a little short-term bump in the polls from passing this but then reality will set in when all of the bullshit in this bill gets exposed as fraudulent and based on lies and false promises.
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