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Default Re: overtime rule changed for playoffs

Boo-hoo Colts, that's what this is about. The league is STILL butthurt over that loss to the Chargers, never mind that Indy just didn't play very well for most of the game.

Honestly, if you didn't win the game in regulation, you have no one but yourself to blame and you can STFU and accept that there's going to be some chance involved.

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Personally, I think the change is ok. I would have rather they ruled out OT fieldgoals all together.
That's probably the best idea of all. To win, you've got to get the ball into the end zone, not go on some weak-ass 30-yard "drive" to get into FG range, which isn't that difficult to do. That way no one can complain that the team who loses the coin toss doesn't get a chance, and they don't have to turn the rulebook into some convoluted mess to do it.
"An empty victory is a victory nonetheless."
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