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Default Re: What's your idea of Health Care Reform?

Originally Posted by GoSlash27 View Post
I beg to differ on both counts.
You pay Federal and Social Security. Actually twice, since your employer matches your contribution. You pay State. You pay local (6% sales) every time you buy anything other than food. You're subject to inflation, which is why you can't save money (that's a tax too).

They think you're a rube who won't notice how much money they're taking if they're slick about it, and so far you're proving them right. Don't feel bad; most people fall for it.

how do you know what i have saved?

you can beg to differ all you want. i know my scrilla, my chedda, my paper scratch (ie money) better than you do.

and again, i suggest you look up the difference between a tax an a bill.

And as for "taxes not being the same as a bill", try not paying it some time.
i guess anyone can say that food is the same as water because both can fill your stomach. only an idiot would beleive they are the same, though.
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