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Default Re: What's your idea of Health Care Reform?

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
I'm not so sure that it's health care reform as much as they need health insurance reform and guidelines.

It seems that insurance corporations have a lot of legal mumbo jumbo that can confuse the everyday man and as soon as it benefits them, they cut the everyday man or increase his/her premiums.
I certainly agree with the need for guidelines to protect individuals from companies dropping them only to avoid costly treatments or procedures that are necessary.

One thing I find interesting is how Obama showcased someone whose mother died because she did not have insurance to cover a necessary procedure (I believe).

So I wonder if these types of cases would be would ever be publicized if the government decided against a necessary procedure because it was too expensive or that the likelihood of success was too low and the person died in a similar manner....

This does happen in some countries with socialized medicine, doesn't it?
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