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Default Re: Kirwan: Notes and quotes from the meetings

i think last years draft class will make up for the one that allowd patrick bailey to be named as steelers "rookie of the year".

i get a kick out of brandt. today he was offering some random insight on an oregon player (cant remember who). not only was he the all oregon state football player but also the only person in oregon to be named the #1 all state in basketball as well (or something like that).

and he also has a 0 handicap in golf.

i never knew this, but gil brandt is basically the advisor w/ the most influence as to which top prospects are invited to NYC to attend the draft.

also revealed today that steve sabol is gonna produce The 100 greatest players of all time for nfl films, and brandt is the head of the "blue chair committee" (or whatever) to come up with and finalize the list.

but then again, what do they know. its not like they actually watch football like us fans. theyre just a bunch of media idiots (atleast thats what we will read on message boards when 40 steelers dont make the list).
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