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Default Re: Let me see if I got this right

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
You obviously took what I said the wrong way, or didn't read all that I posted. I DO NOT think that all immigrants come here to get a free ride. Some do though, and it's a slap in the face to the ones who come here and go through the legal process of becoming a citizen and bettering their lives.

I also know that many illegals work very, very hard...but there still has to be some way to make sure that they have the chance to be here legally. I'm all for hard work, I've worked hard since I was 14...I've also had to pay taxes since I was 16. I don't think it's right that employers are paying illegals dirt wages to work their tails off and I don't think it's right that it's far too easy to allow illegals into this country. Please don't confuse that with me passing judgement on what they are working for.
Actually, I wasn't responding to you, although I just realized that you were the one who actually used the phrase "free ride". Sorry for the confusion.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: rich people get a free ride, period. It doesn't matter if they are here with or without papers. Everyone else works, including you and I.
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