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Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
according to the list, it seems there are some aspects of communism and dictatorships venom really loves. i wonder if all uber right wingers feel the same.

things have changed alot since 9-11 with e-verify and all the penalties faced with i-9 verification violations, but for many years a ton of illegals were on legitimate payrolls with all the typical taxes being deducted. of course the illegals would never be able to cash in on SS or medicare benefits, because they didnt have a social.

i know its hard for some to believe or admit, but there are illegals who worked legitimate jobs for legitimate employers and paid into the system.

Oh I know there are. And believe me, I have a ton of respect for anyone who works long, hard hours...dirt pay or not, illegal or not. I did not know though that there were many who did actually pay into the system. If they did, I can come to terms with that. I do still question though if they paid ALL the same taxes that full citizens do.

I do know that there are many illegals working for shit wages though, and that I do not agree with. Whether it's any worse since 9/11 or not is irrelevant to me. My fundamental belief that immigrants coming into this country should be controlled more efficiently will not change. Do I want it to be a scenario where we hang illegals? Absolutely not, but from what I've gathered, this is the easiest country in the world to immigrate to and not have to pay taxes if you play your cards right. That I do not agree with at all.
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