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Default Re: Let me see if I got this right

Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
Actually, I wasn't responding to you, although I just realized that you were the one who actually used the phrase "free ride". Sorry for the confusion.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: rich people get a free ride, period. It doesn't matter if they are here with or without papers. Everyone else works, including you and I.
No problem...that is why I thought that was a response to what I wrote.

I don't think all rich people get a "free ride" though...some have worked very hard to become rich, and I encourage that. Some people though, like say...Paris Hilton, really have had a free ride though. That's the fault of the parents in my opinion. Coming from where I come from (financially) I wouldn't give my daughter a cent of money (outside of education) that she didn't earn herself.

Rich people DO pay taxes though, and thankfully more often than not, they pay more than us "normal joes" do.
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