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Default Re: Lessons in Healthcare 101

thanks indo for starting this thread. i went to college for pre-med with aspirations of being a sugeon and even took a few courses at UNM's medical college. the most compelling and thought provoking was Sociology of Medical Practice.

my final term paper was coping with stress and i was amazed how little research there was on how those with such intense, time consuming jobs dealt with or were taught to handle the stress of having ones life in their hands.

to put it in football terms, a surgeon either has 'it" or they dont.

point being i really respect your opinion on this topic and hope you can add a real life perspective to us on this board.

can you tell us how this is gonna affect you first hand (and i understand that, at this point, you may be as much in the dark as the rest of us)?

i keep hearing how everybody will no longer be "free to chose" which doctor they see.

when does the government ship you and all the other doctors out and bring in all the new doctors that will not be of the peoples choice?

when i was a kid applying for the ROTC to be a doctor (because i wanted to be a field medic saving the lives of soldiers), i was amazed to learn that military doctors were paid according to their rank, not according to their education or free market value.

are you going to get a rank? is our new socialist regime gonna eliminate "private practice"? will we eliminate all elective surgeries or will the elite such as nanci pelosi still be allowed to reconstruct herself to look like a 110 year old joan rivers?

i live in a town where the choice of doctors is about as varied as mcdonalds vs. burger king. sometimes the line for one is longer than the other. is that preparing me for the socialism i am about to endure or will it pretty much be more of the same ol same ol?

i know some of these questions are sorta tongue in cheek, but most of the concers we have heard on this board are from the patient/payers POV.

i am really interrested in the provider/earners point of view.

oh and another question... theoretically, if you were to catch an STD, are you legally able to diagnose and write yourself a precription to get rid of the itch w/o an outside consultation?
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