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Default Re: Obama Health Care Plan Discussion

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Here's my question - this bill requires (forces) people to buy an insurance plan with "minimum coverage." OK, so who determines what is deemed "minimum coverage?" And if it's the government's decision (it sure won't be YOUR decision), what happens if your plan doesn't fit their definition of "minimum coverage?" The fact that you're forced to buy a plan in the first place or be subject to additional taxes and fines is an absolute crock.
It's the IRS's decision. Aren't ya glad they got into the healthcare industry.

What makes them think people or small businesses that can't afford it now, can afford now(then). Good luck finding a job if your looking, or more than likely will be soon looking. Small business can not pay for all the obaama freebies and manage to survive. And if they don't it's a $2000.00 fine per employee.

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