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Default David Booth head shot...again.

On the day that the NHL put the new headshot rules into enforcement, none other than David Booth (who missed 45 games earlier this season with a concussion due to a horrible headshot from Richards) is knocked out again by a headshot.

The losses are beginning to pile up for the Florida Panthers, but the team should be more concerned about the concussions David Booth is racking up.
The winger was knocked out again on Thursday, this time the victim of an elbow to the face from the arm of Montreal defenseman Jaroslav Spacek.
Booth, who missed 45 games after a wicked hit to the head from Philadelphia's Mike Richards in October, was taken to the hospital, but the Miami Herald reports Booth was alert and is expected to be on the team bus for Friday's trip to Ottawa.
"He's coherent, he's clear, he's alert,'' Panther GM Randy Sexton said.
That's as good a prognosis as any for Booth, who gave everyone a scare when he was laid out on the ice motionless after the hit. the hit wasn't vicious and may have been clean, but that's all the more reason for the Cats to consider ending Booth's season now.
The Panthers lost the game 4-1, but that doesn't seem to be the team's concern at the moment. It might be time to shut Booth down for the season and give his head a chance to heal.
"What's he's been through, we're all concerned, thinking about him and crossing our fingers,'' coach Pete DeBoer told the Miami Herald. “When he got hit, I just hoped it was the wind knocked out of him. When he stayed on his stomach, you get pretty concerned.''
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