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Default Re: David Booth head shot...again.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with this hit, and it's exactly the kind of hit I was talking about yesterday:


Good, hard, CLEAN hit. Booth got caught with his head down and paid the price, and unfortunately was injured again. You are taught from the first time you pick up a hockey stick to always keep your head up when you are on the ice. There was absolutely no intent by Spacek to injure Booth - he was just doing his job. But now that all of this attention is being paid to head shots, hockey plays like this will be unfairly scrutinized.

I will say this - if Spacek is suspended for this hit, then the open-ice check will be dead, and physical play in general will be curbed because players are going to be hesitant to hit anyone for fear of a penalty or suspension. If that happens, you may as well call it the National Figure Skating League, because it sure as hell won't be hockey.
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