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Default Re: Let me see if I got this right

Originally Posted by Venom View Post
You think Im a liberal who cares more for the Illegals in this country than the Border Patrols ? Look at the great Liberals of the ACLU who rather defend the illegals ( I mean undocumented workers ) than the Border Patrol men/women . God Bless America ! ( Libs , dont call the Aclu cause I said the word God please )
I didn't realize that the folks in La Migra needed defending, but I'm glad you're on the case! The role of lickspittle is severely under-appreciated in our culture. Someone has to stand up for those in positions of authority. If not you, who? If not now, when?

What? Are we going to leave it to those in power to defend themselves? What sort of anarchist nonsense is that?
Why does God hate amputees?
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