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Default Re: I Hate this time of year

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
well i have definitely gained even MORE respect for you and your sport. dont sweat the fools who say youre not an athelete. racing drivers catch that heat all the time. i have skated, although on a skateboard back in the day, so i totally understand what youre saying about biting it. you definitely get beat up. i definitely look at someone like tony hawk as a skater and respect him alot as one i looked up to when i was younger. i pretty much respect all the "tricks" figure skaters do just as those that skateboarders, snowboarders, etc. do. its pretty awesome stuff that takes total body control and almost a completely different level of precision and practice than alot of sports.

good luck especially if youre active in competition.

I appreciate the support man! I respect the skaterboarders, bmx bikers, and all the other extreme sport athletes and only wish people like "viva la bam" didn't give them such a bad image. I was competitive for several years. Qualified for nationals 4 times and competed nationally 3 times. Twice I competed in singles and once in pairs. Since college started I took a break my first semester. But with the start of the new semester I began to get on the ice again after 4 months off! I am still working on getting my jumps back and plan to be competitive this and next year. I want to compete nationally one more time before I get too old to compete. I will keep all you guys updated as to how I'm doing and if there are any competitions in Pittsburgh! Thanks for the support. Peace.

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