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Default Re: DTV Sunday Ticket

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Yeah that's kind of ridiculous. Crap...I haven't even been able to justify paying thousands of dollars for an HD tv yet lol, I couldn't imagine having to pay $400+ a month on top of that. (I'm assuming that's per month...or is it a yearly fee?)

I've never had DTV (we have Atlantic Broadband)...what was the cost of it before?
IMHO HD is the way to go. Not just for sports but everyday TV is better as well. For sports the you will see a better defined picture. The price is starting to come down a little. If you do get one Samsung is the best one at this time but there are also other brands that are not bad as well. Do your homework before you buy. I would suggest you stay away from Plasma they aren't built to last even though the picture is pretty good.
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