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Default Re: WHY I WANT TEBOW!!!!

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
but john kuhn is not a virgin.
Of course not!!!! How soon everyone forgets!!!

Ode to John Kuhn

500 lbs and 10 feet tall
The greatest sports figure of them all

He can hold 5 footballs in one hand
He had all the Dallas a one night stand
His shadow once won a beauty prize
His McFarland figure...... is life-size

He once threw a himself
He has a steel-rebar reinforced trophy shelf.

He can change the orbit of the Moon
Hes Kuhn...John Kuhn.

A paragon..a record slayer
Admitted to the Hall of Fame while still a player.

Not sure if its true, but it's been told
his tears can cure the common cold.

So cool he sweats in cubes of ice,
He has counted to infinity.........twice.

His eyebrows are registered weapons...I'm sure
that Chuck Norris even calls him "Sir"

This ode is finished much to soon
for Kuhn....John Kuhn.

-Elizabeth Barrett Lambert
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