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Default Re: Russell is God of Survivor, hands down

Originally Posted by Bng_Hevn View Post
You need to pay attention.

Tyson (is Trevor his first name??? or last???) only voted out Parvati because Russell told him that HE was voting her out.

In Tyson's mind, which Russell was depending on, he could either put the nail in a person coffin for sure OR risk the tie and potentially going home himself. Russell baited him.

If Russell wasn't sure about Tyson voting out Parvait then he would have used the idol on himself, causing a tie between Parvati and Tyson.

That actually would have been interesting because if they would have had to revote, what happens to the immunity idol Russell played? Meaning, there were essentially 6 votes vs 3 votes. Do the voters who voted Russell get to vote again and if so, does he get his idol back? That would have been a bit of a mess.

Anyway, Russell played Tyson like a violin, but that is not even what I was referring to.

What I was referring to was the fact that he had the cohones (sp) to do what he did .... and it worked.

If you could combine Rob and Russell you'd have an unbeatable combo. Rob is good at the challenges and around camp, Russell is the ultimate strategist.
I agree...Russell is the best to ever play the game. It's a shame he was jipped last season and that chick won (can't remember her name). It just goes to show you that people will always put emotions into anything...even a game.
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