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Default Re: Militia Members Charged in Plot to Kill Police Officers

Originally Posted by Leftoverhard View Post
LLT - Two terror groups made international news today. I posted this one up here because it was getting late in the day and (surprise) no one had even mentioned it yet here in the locker room.
The 3 or 4 non-uber conservative posters on this website RARELY ever post anything newsworthy having anything to do with something that would enrage you. We are too busy arguing with your vincent and your venom and your, well, You (and so on) about Obama's ugly wife or how Obama is just like hitler or his birth certificate or some other below-the-belt boo-hoo nonsense in one of the 17 I-hate-health-care debates.

If one tree-hugger guy popped a hummer tire with a butter knife and it was reported on worldnetdaily but nowhere else, it would be ranted and raved about here for days.

I posted this because it's important. These are our very own homegrown terrorists, the kind that breed McVeigh, or like Eric Rudolph, the kind that bomb the Atlanta Olympics, the kind that kill doctors and bomb gay night clubs to make religious/political points - and in turn become folk heroes to the radical right. These guys are currently more of a threat to the USA than any other kind of terrorist. Not important? Try again.

Just wondering not trying to stir the pot but was the guy that bombed the Olympics tied to any known militia? And just how many gay night clubs have there been bombed guess down here in Arkansas we dont get that news about all the gays that get killed in night club bombings. I will give you Mcveigh cant argue about that nut job any at all. I just dont see guys running around in Militias as the biggest threat we have, and stats dont back that up at all. Males between the ages of 18 and 34 from the middle east that are part of known hate groups is where that focus of biggest threat should fall. Just my thoughts..............

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