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Default Re: Militia Members Charged in Plot to Kill Police Officers

Originally Posted by Leftoverhard View Post
I posted this because it's important. These are our very own homegrown terrorists, the kind that breed McVeigh, or like Eric Rudolph, the kind that bomb the Atlanta Olympics, the kind that kill doctors and bomb gay night clubs to make religious/political points - and in turn become folk heroes to the radical right. These guys are currently more of a threat to the USA than any other kind of terrorist. Not important? Try again.
I dont know who looks up to these guys as heros...please elaborate on that statement.

As for them being more of a threat to the USA than any other kind of terrorist....I would present as evidence the Inner-City Gangs who by sheer A) numbers B) propensity for violence C) destruction of property D) cost to the American taxpayer in preventive measures....make militias look like boy scouts.
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