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Default Re: Militia Members Charged in Plot to Kill Police Officers

I'll emphasize the word "homegrown" Here's a worldnetdaily link to the dhs report story:
dhs came out with a report last year emphasizing homegrown terrorism. This included organized gangs, Americans with Al Qaeda connections, violent religious groups, right wing militias, etc.

Here's a "folk hero" link:,00.html
Since he didn't look as if he had stumbled out of a cave, investigators believe Rudolph must have received help over the years. "If he's been living in a mobile home, you'd assume quite a few people knew he was there," says Ronald Baughn, a retired federal law-enforcement agent who helped investigate the Atlanta and Birmingham bombings. Indeed, Rudolph had become a local folk hero. In Murphy, T shirts and coffee mugs appeared saying RUN RUDOLPH, RUN.
Here's a gay club bombing link for that person who didn't believe me about that.
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