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Default Re: The Patriots Offense

Oh now I see, you are on a Steelers message board cause you're too lazy to do the homework let me help you...

Logan Mankins(the guy you hope can replace Andruzzi), Ellis Hobbs(not a "Natural" secondary player), Nick Kaczuk(the guy you hope can replace the first guy you hoped could replace Andruzzi), James Sanders(listed as SS, but I think he gets traded to the Red Sox as Renteria was a bad pick up), Ryan Claridge(a guy from UNLV in the 5th round can fill the shoes of Bruschi? We'll see.), Matt Cassel(uh the QB from USC was taken in the first round guys.), Andy Stokes(the very last TE selected!) oh and some guys who were needed to haul equipment off the busses...Earl Charles, punter Rhett Kopp, wide receiver Michael McGrew, defensive lineman DeMarco McNeil, guard Michael Rogers and defensive lineman Santonio Thomas.

I am sorry though cause the only "rookie mistake" made was thinking that as a NE fan you could actually get away with lame ass posts in the Blast Furnace! Oh yeah, you always say its about "what have you done lately?" Well I guess kick your ass in the Blast Furnace for starters...
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