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Default Re: An Explanation For The Idea Of Heaven ?

Originally Posted by SteelerEmpire View Post
A couple of somewhat logical arguments 'for' an afterlife are:
1. If we can exist here, on earth in our current lives as we know them, why can't there be 'another' existence ? Another life form we 'transfer' into... because after all, since we live and breathe now, that proves that "existence is possible". Now,
2. A fundamental law of physics is: matter or energy (the very 2 things that give us life here on earth) cannot be created (come from nothingness) or destroyed (made into nothingness) only transferred into another form. In other words, matter or energy can never be created... and can never be destroyed... so therefore 'life' must go on because the two things that give us life (matter and energy) do... it just consistently changes form... according to physics.
Those two ideas are the first steps in the research process to provide a proof for "heaven" ( if you will ). But only the first steps... a full complete proof, of course, has not been found yet...
I understand the fact that everyone has matter, hence why I do find it strange that upon death we lose 21 grams of weight, not in terms of body mass leaving us through water loss, air loss, just magically 21 grams dissapears which I think is startling.

Despite this I still believe that our energy simply floats into the atmosphere and doesn't transfer or form into something else in it's afterlife. Yes existence is possible, but highly doubtful in my eyes, one existence is given to us no more.

I do find both arguments very interesting and love reading up on some scientific studies such as the body losing 21 grams in weight at the point of death in a vacuum.

Even with hard scientific evidence I doubt I'll ever believe in an afterlife or a heaven sadly.
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