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Default Re: Obama to open offshore areas along coasts for drilling

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
That's Tampa - These carpetbaggers won't do anything for Florida except destroy our beaches.

Anyone ever been to Galveston, Corpus Cristi, or along the Alabama/Miss, gulf coast? Beaches are dirty, the water is filthy.

I will vote against any politicians voting for offshore drilling. Oil companies have millions of acres under lease and should explore those before thinking about ruining our beaches.
So while all the people going greeen on off-shore drilling are happy that they've prevented this country from reducing it's dependency on foreign oil, foreign countries are allowed to go in to international waters and start drilling off our coast.

I feel pretty confident that if people truly wanted to drill off-shore for this country, they could find a way to prevent the beaches from getting dirty and the water filthy. Maybe it's not the off-shore drilling that's responsible for that problem...maybe, just maybe, it's the individuals responsible for it's upkeep?

I'm just sayin'!

And btw, I'm not a carpet bagger, but I do live in the Tampa area!

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post


Everyone knows that no one is actually from Florida!!!
That's not true, I know of at least a handful, maybe a dozen children that are FROM Florida. However, I believe anyone over the age of 30, definitely not!

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