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Default Re: What's your idea of Health Care Reform?

Being a simple guy from the hills of Arkansas I think of things in a simple way so here is my thoughts

1. No one over the age of 18 deserves anything
2. more help for the working poor.......note the working part
3. if you decide that working aint your thing then starving should be your thing (not for those that have had jobs and are trying to find work, but them that dont want to work and aint going to work.) and while you starve you dont deserve health care.
4. if you are one of the folks that think we all DESERVE health care then you pay for it. I am trying to better my life, my child's life and my wife's life and I dont give a rats ass about you and my money should go to things I use like roads and police.
5. The government has no business telling me how to cover my health cares, if I want health care it is my problem not theirs

yeah pretty simple, but then again so am I

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