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Default 5 Scientific Reasons Why People Act Like A-holes

#5 Web Rage

Behavioral scientists have a keen interest in the increasing trend of so-called “webrage”: the tendency for Internet commenters to spew naught but filth and bile with little to no provocation (for some handy examples, just scroll all the way down to the comments section!) But aside from vitriol-laden feedback sections wrought with verbal filth and textual disease, the scientists are also pointing to the rise of new websites, like and, which are dedicated exclusively to the world’s saddest expression of rage: Angry typing. These sites don’t even pretend to have content, they’re exclusively devoted to venting nerd fury for no valid reason. Although that does finally answer the age old Zen Riddle: If there were no Internet to flame on, would flamers still flame?

These researchers all differ on what, exactly, is causing this outpouring of impotent rage–some point to the anonymity of the Internet providing a consequence-free environment for dickotry, while others blame the anger on a lack of emotional cues like voice fluctuation and body language–but all can agree on one thing: The newfound ability to distance ourselves emotionally, while simultaneously remaining connected on a global level is leading to an overall increase in both anger and stress levels across the board. So, while the Internet may have linked humanity via information, and possibly ushered in a new era of human intelligence, it’s also allowed us just enough distance to constantly tell each other to go **** ourselves unconscious for no apparent reason with a previously unheard of lack of empathy and remorse.

And on a completely unrelated note: Go **** yourselves unconscious, dicktards.

Here's the link to the whole article where the other four reasons are listed
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