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Default Re: 5 Scientific Reasons Why People Act Like A-holes

How To Act Like An Adult

1. Stay cool in situations. Sure some adults flip out under stress. but I am pretty sure that is not the kind you want to be. Try not to stress and worry if something bothers you, try to deal with it.
2. Do not get into useless arguments with people. Mature debates are ok but try not to make them out of anger. If somebody disagrees with you don't say anything. Just respect their opinion.
3. Don't insult people for disagreeing with you. Calling people "Stupid" or insulting their mothers is one of the least adult things you can do.
4. Be polite under every circumstance. Although this should be common knowledge.
5. Do not cry when you get yelled at, just accept responsibility for your actions.
6. Always think about how people would interpret your actions, statements, answers, etc. Ex. Do not do anything childish in the public or even just with your friends.
7. Use appropriate language and tone when you're engaging a conversation.


Try talking with some adults more. Learn how they act and how they talk. Hanging around with mature people can help you become even more mature!

Try having friendly debates with friends. This will help make sure you don't lose your cool in an argument you are trying to make.

Practice your manners with friends and family, you don't see many mature people belching loudly at the dinner table.

Ask your closest friend and dearest family member.


When trying not to flip out do not bottle up your emotions! This can lead to stress and sadness in the future.

Don't act like an adult just because you want to seem cool. Act like an adult when you are ready to act like an adult, which comes naturally.
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