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Default Re: 5 Scientific Reasons Why People Act Like A-holes

Originally Posted by TheWarDen86 View Post
I'm not going to bother as this portion of the article never really said anything.

Fact: assholes have been around since before the internet. Many times both sides of an argument have assholes as the participants. Personally, I think everyone is an asshole at some point or another with very few exceptions. I know I can be, but I also believe it's justified much of the time.

What about you leftoverhard? Maybe you don't "rage" as you call it, but there is always a catalyst (asshole). Can you admit to your role as the asshole at times?

-asshole warden86.

I've been called worse by better.
wayyyyyyy before the Internet lol

there is always someone online who wants to start an argument, this person is generally very young, yet to hit puberty, and finds thrills from acting supposedly harder and cooler by arguing with his or her peers.
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