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Default Re: Obama to open offshore areas along coasts for drilling

Well, now that that's settled.

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
1. He and his buffoon of a sidekick took shots at Sarah Palin during the 2008 election at her "drill baby drill" statements. Palin is a huge supporter of off-shore drilling. Obaaaaaama and the lush abhored her theories.

2. Lo and behold - Obaaaaaaama decides that offshore drilling just might not be such a bad idea, but thus far, has not acknowledged that former Governor Palin's theories held credence.

1 +1 = 2.
Sarah Palin only spoke of drilling in Alaskan wilderness during her campaign. Something that even McCain was against.

McCain was for offshore drilling, but not ripping up the Alaskan wilderness. as mentioned here:

Sarah Palin was a hack then, is a hack now, and will always be a hack. (opinion)

Obama changed his mind from what he said during his campaign in Jacksonville, so what? He's trying to work with Republicans and not be a hardlining bipartisan jag off.

He promised an attempt at lowering gas costs and getting an effective comprehensive energy bill passed, if he has to open up the coast to drilling to accomplish that (by scratching the GOP's back)...why not? It's what the Republicans wanted during the '08 election...
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