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Default Re: How about we discuss our macro level views?

The Constitution is the framework for what became the greatest country in the world in a relatively short period of time, and it's unfortunate that people who supposedly are in DC to represent us have tried to make this paper irrelevant in today's society.
I believe that children today are not given enough responsibilities at home (i.e. chores) and it shows in their lack of respect, discipline, and appreciation for the things they have.
I believe that our nation is a Christian nation and the only reason people don't want to mention God is because His standard for us is higher than people want to live by.
I definitely believe that there is a line between discipline and abuse, and some parents today either don't or are afraid to discipline their children. On the other hand, the arse's that abuse their children need to be attended to, and quickly.
I believe that people in jail are only guaranteed a roof over their head and 3 square meals a day. Not this luxury BS they receive today.
I don't believe in abortion but I do believe in the death penalty when it's necessary
I believe that every day is a gift from God and we have two choices. We can live our lives that way or we can find some reason to be pissed off at the world.
I believe in PRAY-LIVE-LOVE passionately
Finally, I believe that I should be the type of man that when my feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh CRAP! He's up!"

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