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Default Re: Obama to open offshore areas along coasts for drilling

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
He's one and done, get used to it.
Then the Republicans will have power again, they'll say FU to the Dems, push through a bunch of crap and make the American people mad at the Republicans. Then the Dems will get power again, they'll say FU to the Republicans and push through a bunch of crap that will make the American people mad at the Democrats.

I hope you don't want progress, because as long as the D's and R's are doing this Tit for Tat aren't getting any.

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
You do know Palin was gov of Alaska, right. She was for drilling before '08. Who nailed the oil companies in Alaska for the people of Alaska. Because of her the people of Alaska get a bigger pay back from the oil every year. Unlike obaaaaama she stood up for the people, not trying to find more ways to screw them.
Yes, I know she was governor of Alaska. Yes, I know she was for drilling prior to '08. I never said she wasn't. The only area she spoke about drilling in during her '08 campaign for VP was in the Alaskan Wilderness. Why are you pointing out obvious crap about Sarah Palin? It's obvious you love her (figurtively) but I'm not even attacking or saying anything mean about her....why the lecture?

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
I'd think a little harder about whining about political campaign promises if I were you.
I'm not whining about anything. Saying that I am is just catty.

The ANWR debate has never been about "ripping up the Alaskan wilderness." It's about opening up a tiny sliver (2,000 acres located entirely in the coastal plain) of a gigantic wildlife refuge that is almost 20 million acres in size (about 9 times the size of Yellowstone) to oil exploration and development. 2,000 acres sounds like a lot, but in reality it equates to about one hundredth of one percent of ANWR. Further, most Alaskans support it.
I'm not totally against it. But 2000 acres is still going to be ripped up. If they allowed that land to be used, they need to restrict it so that's the only land being used. Because you know what happens when you give a Mouse a Cookie (if you don't get the reference it's to a childrens book about one thing leading to another, than another, than another, until you're giving up alot more than you once thought you would be)

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