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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

Valentine One.

Like Indo said that most cops are savvy to radar detectors and don't keep it on constantly. He is right. Most keep it off until they pop you. BUT the Valentine one is SO good (I've had mine for about 7-8 yrs) is all it takes is them to turn it on ONCE for someone else within 3 - 5 miles from you and you know he's out there AND you'll even know which direction he is in.

As long as you're not the front runner hauling ass you are OK. It's ridiculous how good this thing is. I've looked at my odometer when I get the first warning and it has picked them up 5+ miles away. It's expensive but I have EASILY saved that much in tickets. I'm not an avid speeder but they are asses down here and have crazy speed traps.
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