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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

Originally Posted by Indo View Post
Here's the thing...

The cops are savvy to radar detectors these days. Back when they first came out the radar guns were "continuous"---they shot a steady beam of radar and the detectors detected it and alarmed and the driver slowed down in plenty of time to see the cop car and wave

But the radar guns are "instant-on" now. You're driving (just a hairs-breadth over the speed limit (!)) and the cop points the radar gun at you and the beam hits your car and the detector alarms. Problem is---BAM!---you've already been clocked over the speed limit. The detector did its job----but the sneaky cop used an "instant-on" gun that causes the detector's alarm to go off after you've been "painted" with the radar and you're caught!

And don't forget that radar detectors are illegal in a lot of states---the cops can confiscate it (and give you a ticket for it)----and you're out hundreds of dollars.

Sometimes they work...sometimes they work too late!
Is it worth the $$ ?

BTW, I'm just sayin'....not that I would know anything about radar detectors (!!)
And some don't even use a radar gun. They have set points and they time you with a stop watch. Ask me how I know.

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