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Default Re: Looking for a good radar detector...

After posting here, I immediately went and googled radar detector forums and found many. There are forums outside of football. Hmmm, go figure.

Anyway, the Valentine 1, aptly known as V1, is the clear favorite.

I generally only do 8 MPH over the speed limit and don't speed much more unless i'm in a group of vehicles. I would just like to know what's around and I've never really trusted any detectors before so didn't want to spend the money.

So, I figure I'll get a V1.

Going X MPH, is it easy to spot them on the windshield? What I don't want to have happen is for a cop to pull me over and confiscate it. I drive a lot to VA where it is illegal to even have it in your vehicle. I'd put it away immediately there but if I were to forget I'd be screwed out of $400 ... if they were to take it.

Does anyone have a clear list of its use in all states? I tried googling it but (wow googling is a word that passes spellcheck???? Times are a changing) found garbage, nothing clear and at least looks like a "legit" source.
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